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Coconut Dog Chew

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These dehydrated strips of Sweet Potato have a natural sweetness that dogs love and are very low in fat, so super healthy. No artificial nasties, just healthy natural goodness.
  • A 'soopa' healthy, nutritious and delicious dog treat. Coconut has a natural tropical taste that dogs seem to really love and is packed with loads of nutritional benefits to help promote health and well-being in your pets.

    Strips of raw Coconut are slowly dehydrated to retain flavour as well as those all-important beneficial nutrients. As a result of the dehydration process, they become really chewing, so perfect for your dogs' dental hygiene - a natural teeth cleaner!

      The properties of Coconut are known to support the immune system and maintain healthy skin and coats
      Naturally rich in Vitamin E and powerful anti-oxidants
      A gluten free dog treat
      Low in protein
      100% natural superfood

    These pieces of dehydrated Coconut suit dogs of all sizes and come in 100g size bags.

  • Ingredients

    100% Coconut

    Analytical Constituents

    Crude Protein - 7.5%
    Crude Fat - 53%
    Crude Fibre - 17.5%
    Ash - 1.4%
    Moisture - 4%

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