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Molly's Mice - Catnip Toy for Cats

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Your cat will be delighted with this pretty mouse toy which has been handmade in the UK and filled with catnip. You will love watching them play with it for hours on end.
  • Mizu enjoying a Molly's MiceThis wonderful catnip toy for cats is inspired by the antics of Molly - a mischievous Maine Coon who loves playing with catnip filled toys.

    Catnip is natural and harmless to cats and produces a euphoric effect that lasts for a few minutes. Molly really enjoys catnip, but not all cats respond to it. Cats that do respond to catnip come back to their toys again and again!

    Every Molly's Mice toy is handmade in England.

    Molly's Mice come in assorted colours and will be chosen at random. You may not receive the colour illustrated in the picture above.

    Molly's Mice are made from:

    Outer: 100% cotton. Tail: 100% cotton twine. Filling: 5g (approx) maximum strength Canadian leaf and flower catnip. Any ribbon trim is 100% polyester.

    Cats should be supervised when playing with toys. Inspect toy regularly and replace if damaged.

  • Reviews of Molly's Mice

    Ginger playing with Molly'These are the best catnip mice I have ever bought. I have bought quite a few others over the years but my cat just loved this. It's still going strong weeks later and is obviously very well made to withstand the 'playing' my cat does with it! Just going to order some more for Christmas!'

    'This was the highlight of my cats lives so far!! We have 3 cats and I have never seen them all so ecstatic! Amazing product.'

    'We tried Molly's after trying loads of catnip toys after not being able to obtain Culpepers - these are just as good and our cat loves them.'

    'Most catnip toys are a waste of money but not these, they're fantastic. If my cat could post on here she'd tell every cat owner in the country to buy these on a regular basis.'

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