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Sweet Potato Dog Chew

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These dehydrated strips of Sweet Potato have a natural sweetness that dogs love and are very low in fat, so super healthy. No artificial nasties, just healthy natural goodness.
  • A 'soopa' healthy, very low calorie soft and chewy dog treat which is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Sweet Potato has a delicious sweetness from naturally occurring sugars that dogs just love. 

    We're so used to hearing how good fruit and veg is for us, but they contain many important health promoting nutrients for our dogs too! Sweet potato is one of nature's great superfoods, containing carotenoids such as beta carotene, which is good for healthy eyesight and immune systems.

    These strips of Sweet Potato have been slowly dehydrated to retain their flavour as well as those all-important beneficial nutrients. The dehydration process makes them leathery in texture and chewy, so perfect for dogs that prefer a softer treat.

    As these treats are so low in fat, they are suitable for dogs suffering from kidney disease, pancreatitis, liver disease, digestive problems or obesity.

      Sweet Potato is one of nature's superfoods.
      Only 0.72% fat per 100g - that's incredibly low calorie!!
      A gluten free dog treat
      Naturally occurring sugars that are released slowly into the bloodstream to provide a consistent source of energy - no sugar 'highs'.
      High in anti oxidants, dietary fibre and Potassium

    These strips of dehydrated Sweet Potato can easily be torn into smaller pieces to suit dogs of all size and come in 100g size bags.

  • Ingredients

    100% Sweet Potato

    Analytical Constituents

    Crude Protein - 4.5%
    Crude Fat - 0.72%
    Crude Fibre - 2.5%
    Ash - 2.2%
    Moisture - 11.9%

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