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Dr D's Tasty Horse TreatsDr D's Tasty Treats are brand new on the market and already receiving rave reviews. Created by Dr Heather Daniell, who decided to put her PhD in organic chemistry to good use by developing treats suitable for her own horse who suffered from ulcers. Heather was determined to feed her horse treats, but struggled to find any that weren't packed with sugar or cereal grains, artificial binders and preservatives, so she set about developing her own unique treats using only the highest quality ingredients and which smell absolutely amazing. We know, because our horse just loves them and would do a handstand (if he could!) to get one!

These tasty treats contain no sugar or cereal grain so are perfect for horses suffering from ulcers, laminitis, cushings or other diseases which require a low sugar diet. But horses don’t have to have a sugar or starch sensitivity to benefit from Dr D’s treats. They have proved very popular and as they are dehydrated rather than baked, the nutrients are locked in and flavours enhanced so you horse will really notice the difference.

You just wouldn't believe how great these good, you'll want to try them for yourself!

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