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We're such crafty folk at The Little Pet Biscuit Company HQ that we don't just bake the most delicious dog treats and biscuits, we also make the cutest needle felted animals too!

Needle felting is the process of interlocking wool fibres by stabbing it with a barbed needle. The barbs catch on the wool fibres and cause them to tangle and bind together. It takes ages to create needle felted animal shapes and can occasionally be quite painful (catching a finger with over enthusiastic needle stabbing), but it's great fun to do.

From time to time (when we have time!) we'll add a new irresistible felted animal creation to our crafty collection. They are all different with their own personality and charm. They will have been handmade and will vary in size, colour and shape - that's why they are quite unique!

Coming up for sale very soon: Minty, Percy, Rupert, Slinky, Alfonso and Pierre.

MintyPercy RupertSlinkyAlfonsoPierre

Keep checking back for more details.