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Cheesy Popcorn Dog Treats

Who would have thought dogs love popcorn, but they do! Covered in a dusting of tasty grated Italian cheese. Cheesy popcorn - just how we have ours at home.
  • The Little Pet Biscuit Company popcorn is made by handThe ultimate healthy treat for dogs! Not to be confused with the kind of popcorn us humans like to eat - this isn't covered in a buttery, sugary or salty coating - which wouldn't be good for your dog! We pop the kernels in just a teaspoon of Sunflower Oil to keep them as healthy as possible. Then we add a little freshly grated Italian cheese - just enough to tantalise your dogs' taste buds without piling on the pounds!

    Most dogs love popcorn, but with a little cheesy extra they will find this completely irresistible.

        Gluten free
        High in fibre
        Handy titbit size
        Very low in fat
        Tasty cheese flavour

        Our cheesy popcorn is great for use as a training treat with your dog.

        It is suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages.

        Bags contain a MINIMUM of 25g of popcorn.

      • Ingredients

        Corn Kernels - Hard Italian Cheese

        Read more about our natural ingredients.

        Cheesy popcorn contains no:

        Soya. Rice. Egg. Artificial colours or flavours. Meat products. Wheat or Wheat-Gluten. Chemicals. Added sugar or salt.

        Popcorn should keep in an airtight container for 2 weeks. Read our feeding & storage guidelines for more information.

      • Taffy's Paw Rating 5/5+   +

        Taffy's Tasting NotesPopcorn is THE BEST!! I love the light crunchy texture and the amazing smell. I'm always waiting to hoover up the pieces when Mum forgets to put the lid on the saucepan when the popping starts. I can't resist popcorn and these are even better cos they have my favourite cheese melted on them...extra yummy! I love my nights in with a bag of cheesy popcorn and my paws up in front of the tele...just perfect!

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