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Our Pawfriends

We love receiving photographs of our happy customers enjoying their treats from The Little Pet Biscuit Company. We regularly update our Pawfriends testimonials so please send us your pet pictures if you would like them to be included here or on our Facebook page.


Paj receiving a gift boxJust love this fabulous montage sent in to us my Paj's Mum. It's a great sequence of events from the first few sniffs of a LPBco gift box, to the receiving a tasty treat. Thank you so much for this.









Layla & Alfie

Alfie with his deer antlerLaya with lots of biscuitsLayla (left) appears to be surrounded by a selection of our LPBco biscuits and is perhaps filled with indecision on which to choose first! While Alfie (right) is enjoying some Spring sunshine chewing on his deer antler.






Here's a fabulous video of Buddy unwrapping his Gift Box. He can obviously smell something good inside, but we're amazed how clever he his at getting the wrapping paper off...and so quickly!


Jinx & Toby

JinxTobyTobyHere are a couple of right characters! Jinx (left) is giving his box of treats a thorough inspection, while Toby (right) has a box of Venison meaty treats that look almost as big as he is! We're sure it's just the camera angle! Positive that Toby is actually larger than life!!



Holly (and Daisy) & Holly

Holly & DaisyHolly the SchnauzerHolly the SchnauzerAll the Holly's here! On the left with have Holly with Daisy - you've seen Daisy before! Then on the right we have Holly the Schnauzer. Such a lovely name, Holly!



Dylan, Freddie and Ella & CoCo

DylanA lovely collection of our gorgeous pawfriends here. We have Dylan Ella & CoCoFreddie(left) devouring a Cheese & Natural Yeast extract bone - very yummy! Then Freddie (right) looking very pleased with his gift box selection. Ella & CoCo (far right) look as though their should be another bag in there somewhere - is one looking ever so slightly guilty do you think??



Digory gets tonnes and tonnes of treats from us and is apparently looking healthier and happier than ever! His owners switched to The Little Pet Biscuit Company treats because Digory needed to shed a few pounds. Doesn't he just look amazing now?



Lots of lovely pictures of the gorgeous Daisy Dog enjoying her biscuits and treats. Isn't she beautiful?DaisyDaisyDaisy





Bear & Barney

BarneyBearBarney (left) demonstrates how useful our Camomile & Malt biscuits can be in aiding sleep and relaxation! LOL. Bear (right) looks in anticipation: "Please can I open the biscuits Mum?"





Lulu & Noodle

The very lovely Lulu (left) inspects her gift box while Noodle (right) - love the name by the way - does exactly the same!






Pancho loves his Christmas gift box and is making a great job of unwrapping it all by himself. His Mum told us he thought it was the best present. Ever!


Rooty & Paj

Rooty with popcornRooty opens a boxPaj stares at a Peanut Butter & Banana biscuitLovely pictures of our friend Rooty (left) with some biscuits and cheesy popcorn. And Paj (right) staring intently at a Peanut Butter & Banana biscuit - his favourite! Look at the concentration on his face!



Brie & Puddy

Brie with her box

Puddy the catBrie could smell her box of biscuits as the postman was carrying them down the road! She loves to inspect the box to make sure her favourite treats are in there.

Puddy loves a Molly's Mice! 



Izzy Wizzy & Molly

Izzy Wizzy picking up the crumbsMolly & puppyMolly the bomb disposal dog

This is the most beautiful picture of Izzy Wizzy (left) enjoying a few Sesame Seed and Parsley biscuit crumbs. Isn't she just the most gorgeous girl?

You just can't stop a puppy can you? (far right) This little pup is desperately trying to get into a packet of our biscuits while Molly looks on in what I can only describe as 'horror'! So cute though! Beautiful Molly served in Afghanistan on the bomb disposal squad before returning home to lead a quieter life with her lovely owner. As you would imagine from her background and training, she has a highly developed sense of smell. Her nose is clearly enjoying our Sesame Seed & Parsley bones (right) - her tail is wagging so fast it's a blur!

Stan & puppy Yogi

StanPuppy Yogi

Stan is doing very well here! He can obviously smell the peanut butter but he's waiting...waiting...waiting till Mum says he can going ahead and take it. So well behaved. Well done Stan Da Man!

Puppy Yogi is taking of bag of goodies away somewhere 'safe' to enjoy later. We think he's adorable.



Summer, Rosie & Lola and Molly

Trio of SpanielsMolly the StaffyThis gorgeous trio of Spaniels - Summer, Rosie and Lola - are posing with their bags of our goodies. They each have something different so here's hoping they will share!

Molly the Staffy x was rescued 4 months ago by her lovely owner and we think she's just a stunning dog. Here's a picture of her pointing at which bag of our treats she wants to open first. Smart Molly!



Daisy & Digory

DaisyDigory dogThe very lovely Daisy (left) examining her box of goodies. She could almost be reading the labels! Actually, we think that's EXACTLY what she's doing! She's choosing which one she wants to try first! Clever girl.

Gorgeous spaniel Digory (right) demonstrating that he can perform some cool tricks in return for one of our delicious biscuits. What a handsome boy!


Fido & The Jack Russell Trio

Fido's 12th birthdayJack Russell trio enjoying treatsFido (left) got some of our biscuits for his 12th birthday and really loved them - especially the peanut butter banana hearts. He looks like a scruffy version of Taffy and we think he has a very cheeky face! What a character he must be!

This delightful trio enjoyed our peanut butter banana hearts too. Hmmm...I wonder which one grabbed the first biscuit? There's definitely one hopeful face eyeing up the treats saying 'they're mine, all mine!'

Teddy & Syd

Teddy receiving his Valentines giftSyd opening her box Teddy (left) is just gorgeous - look at that face! He is the 'special pawfriend' of Daisy (above) and was delighted to receive a special gift of our very popular peanut butter banana hearts from her for Valentines Day. There is definitely a romance blossoming between them and what a handsome couple they make!

Here's Syd (right) trying to open her box of biscuits. She's 16, deaf and short sighted, but she can obviously smell there's something nice in there for her...the nose knows best!