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An 'Andy Bag of Anchovies

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You'll find some great fishy dog treats in An 'Andy Bag of Anchovies from Green & Wilds. 100% air dried, super tasty, ultra healthy anchovies. That's all! But boy they're good!

Full of healthy goodness

Anchovies are a very rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which has so many health benefits, especially in helping to support the immune system and maintain tip top condition. These dog treats are also high in protein, calcium, iron and other minerals too.

Air dried for maximum benefit

They are not like the salty, oily little tinned anchovies you use for pizza toppings! These have been slowly air dried to retain of that natural fishy goodness - proteins, oils and vitamins - which will help to keep your dog healthy and well.

Sustainably sourced

This is really important to us and we're pleased that Green & Wilds only fish from ethical, responsible sources. These anchovies are caught in European waters, mostly in the North Atlantic.

Do they smell fishy?

Um...yes of course they do!! It's a totally natural dog treat from the sea, with a definite 'eau de fish'! But that's why your dog will find it so appealing. They are packaged in a really handy resealable bag though, which does help eliminate the whiff. Honest!

These treats are suitable for...?

'Andy Little Anchovies are great treats for any size dog.

They are suitable for dogs from 3 months old.

6-10 treats a day is recommended, depending on the size of your dog.

Suitable for dogs that are raw fed.


100% Anchovies

Analytical Constituents

Moisture - 11.5%
Crude Protein - 66%
Ash - 16.1%
Fibre - 0.1%
Total Oil - 11.73%

'Andy Little Anchovies are packed in a resealable 50g bag.

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