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Beautiful Joe's Ethical Ox Liver Dog Treats

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Fabulous little pieces of air dried Ox liver which are 100% natural and pack a super tasty punch! Best of all, every time you buy a pack of Beautiful Joe's, another bag is donated to a canine rescue centre or charity, so you're helping dogs in need.
  • Our own pooches just adore Beautiful Joe's Ethical Dog Treats. Fabulous little pieces of air dried Ox liver which are 100% natural and pack a super tasty punch! Best of all, every time you buy a pack of Beautiful Joe's, another bag is donated to a canine rescue charity or home, so you're helping dogs in need. You can read more about how it works by going to the 'our donations' tab above.

    Beautiful Joe's are air dried in the UKBeautiful Joe's are pure liver dog treats with nothing else added. They have been very slowly air dried so that their delicious meaty flavour is locked in to make them extra scrumptious.

    These liver treats are made using British beef which is free range and/or organic and wild (where possible). All the farms used are visited in person to make sure they meet Beautiful Joe's exacting animal welfare standards, and this is what makes them such ethical dog treats.

    Please note the tin (pictured) is not included when you purchase the treats, but if you love the look of it, you can buy a handy retro tin to store your Beautiful Joe's liver treats. This funky treat tin is small enough to fit in your pocket and looks super cool.

    You really can't go wrong with these Beautiful Joe's liver treats for your pooches. They're healthy, taste great and you're contributing to a good cause with absolutely no catch!

  • Ingredients

    Ox liver.

    Analytical Constituents

    Crude Protein 56.9%
    Crude Oils & Fats 5.8%
    Crude Fibres 0.1%
    Crude Ash 3.8%
    Moisture 20.7%

  • The story of Beautiful Joe's

    Beautiful Joe was an ordinary brown dog, born on a farm in Meaford, Ontario. The farmer was a cruel man who beat the dog and cut off his ears and tail. This was witnessed by a neighbour - Walter Moore - who rescued the dog, nursed him back to health and called him Beautiful Joe.

    In 1893, Margaret Saunders, who was related to Walter Moore, heard the story and turned it into a book which sold over a million copies. She devoted the rest of her life to campaigning for the rights of animals and this is the story that inspired Beautiful Joe's ethical dog treats.

    Half the treats made are donated

    Beautiful Joe's give away half the treats they make to rescue centres, which is incredibly generous as most rescue homes can't afford to buy treats for the dogs they look after, let alone ones this good!

    The lovely people at Beautiful Joe's are also really picky about who they buy their meat from. They visit every single farm to make sure the beef are reared to their exacting standards as they're really passionate about animal welfare too. And in addition to giving away half the treats they make, they also donate 1% of their sales to Compassion in World Farming.

    Wow! How many other pet food manufacturers do you know who would do that?

  • Where our donations have gone

    Every time we order a new stock of Beautiful Joe's we post a request on our Facebook page for our followers and friends to nominate a rescue centre of their choice to receive the same amount (usually a box of 50-75 bags) of Beautiful Joe's. Then we tot up the total number of nominations for each different cause and the one receiving the most votes gets the treats!

    A big box of Beautiful Joe's is donated to rescue

    So far, our followers have nominated these amazing rescue homes, centres or charities to receive a big box of fabulous dog treats:

    • Terrier SOS
    • The Kit Wilson Trust
    • The Edward Foundation
    • Jack Russell Terrier Rescue
    • Serbia's Forgotten Paws
    • Dogs 4 Rescue
    • Greenacres Rescue Centre
    • Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary
    • Blind Dog Rescue UK
    • Many Tears Animal Rescue
    • Wolfwood
    • Little Angels Staffie Rescue
    • Makants Greyhound Rescue
    • Underheugh Ark Rescue
    • Allsorts Dog Rescue
    • Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary
    • Last Chance Hotel
    • Greyhound Gap
    • Celia Cross Greyhound Rescue
    • Valgrays Border Collie Rescue
    • Happier Days for Strays
    • The Senior Staffy Club
    • Beagle Welfare
    • SHAK
    • West Wales Poundies
    • REAN - Rescuing European Animals in Need
    • SARR - Spaniel Assist Rescue & Rehoming Group
    • All Because of Freda
    • Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue
    • Pawprints Dog Rescue
    • Lozza's Lurcher Rescue
    • Bryson's
    • Dun Roamin
    • Oakwood Dog Rescue
    • Woolfies Legacy
    • Chimney Farm
    • Monty's Rescue

    Get nominating!

    If you keep an eye out on our Facebook page, you will be able to nominate your favourite rescue centre or charity next time we need to order more Beautiful Joe's.

    Some pictures from rescue centres you have nominated

    Valgrays rescue enjoying some Beautiful Joe'sValgrays rescue enjoying some Beautiful Joe'sBeagle Welfare enjoying some Beautiful Joe'sCelia Cross Greyhound Rescue enjoying some Beautiful Joe's

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