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Beautiful Joe's Retro Treat Tin

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Be the talk of the training class when you bring out this cute little retro treat tin! This funky tin is small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag and looks so cool, everyone will want one!
  • Be the talk of the training class with your dog treats in this super cute colourful tin! This funky retro style treat tin is capable of holding roughly half a 50g (one bag) of Beautiful Joe's air dried Ox liver treats (sold separately), but you can fill it with any dog treats of your choice. Even a shake of your tin will bring your dog running! It's small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag and looks so cool we think everyone will want one. 

    Size: 9.5cms long. 6cms wide. 2cms deep.

    Check out Beautiful Joe's liver treats for your pooches. They are healthy, taste great and when you buy a bag, another one is donated to a good cause, so you're helping dogs in need and there's absolutely no catch!

  • Story of Beautiful Joe's

    Beautiful Joe was an ordinary brown dog, born on a farm in Meaford, Ontario. The farmer was a cruel man who beat the dog and cut off his ears and tail. This was witnessed by a neighbour - Walter Moore - who rescued the dog, nursed him back to health and called him Beautiful Joe.

    In 1893, Margaret Saunders, who was related to Walter Moore, heard the story and turned it into a book which sold over a million copies. She devoted the rest of her life to campaigning for the rights of animals and this is the story that inspired Beautiful Joe's ethical dog treats.

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