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Digestive Supplement to sooth & settle (100 tablets)


If your pet suffers from a 'grumbly' windy stomach or flatulence, the unique combination of ingredients in this Digestive Supplement from Dorwest will really help to maintain good digestion.
  • Dorwest supplements are made in the UKDoes your pet suffer from a 'grumbly' windy stomach or flatulence? The unique combination of ingredients in these Digestive Supplement tablets by Dorwest really help to settle upset stomachs and maintain good digestion.

    Digestive Supplement tablets contain a number of herbs which are traditionally used to soothe and comfort the digestive system and settle tummies. Ginger and Valerian calm the digestive tract. Rhubarb and Peppermint aid digestion and Slippery Elm is soothing and comforting. This daily dietary supplement is really useful to treat pets with rumbling and gurly tummies.

  • Active ingredients

    Ginger 30mg. Slippery Elm bar 10mg. Rhubarb 20mg. Valerian root 20mg. Peppermint Oil 0.2mg.

    Recommended administration

    1 tablet per 10kgs of bodyweight, either after meals or two hours before travelling.

    May be used during pregnancy and lactation.

    You may start feeding this liquid compound to your pet from the age of 8 weeks.

    This may be used on its own or alongside any conventional medication from your vet if required.

    This herbal medicine can be used in the short or long term as required.

    Tablets are not sugar coated. They may be fed either whole or crushed and added to your pet's feed if necessary.

    Always read the label.

  • Digestion

    Many digestive problems are caused by a high protein diet, but they may also be due to your pet's intolerance to processed food and to the artificial colours and flavours used in many commercially manufactured products. Digestion may also be improved by feeding your pet several smaller meals during the day rather than one large meal.

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