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Keepers Mix herbal conditioning supplement (250g)


If you're worried about the overall condition of your pet, or you feed a high protein natural raw diet, this popular conditioning supplement can keep them in optimum health
  • Dorwest supplements are made in the UKDoes your dog have a poor looking coat? Are you worried about their overall condition? Do you feed your pet a high protein natural raw diet? This popular herbal conditioning supplement has been specifically formulated by Dorwest as a daily supplement to their feed to help maintain dogs and cats in optimum health and is made in the UK.

    This is particularly beneficial to working dogs and pets fed a raw diet, providing an essential blend of herbs which have been carefully balanced to support the animal's whole system and all major organs. The herbs contain a mix of anti-oxidants, nutritional elements and other compounds which are vital to good health and well being - Kelp Seaweed for minerals, coat growth and pigmentation; Celery seeds for suppleness and free movement; Lucerne (Alfalfa) for vitamins A, C, E and K; Nettles which are rich in chlorophyll and vitamin C; Rosemary for digestion and flatulence and to maintain a healthy heart; Psyllium husks for a healthy bowel and digestion; Clivers to maintain healthy skin, kidney and bladder function; Wild Yam which helps sustain a healthy intestine. 

  • Active ingredients

    Finely powdered Kelp seaweed, Celery seeds, Lucerne (Alfalfa), Nettles, Rosemary, Psyllium husks, Clivers and Wild Yam.

    Recommended daily administration

    Small dogs and cats 1 measure. Medium dogs 2 measures. Large dogs 3 measures. Giant breeds 4 measures. Measure is included and is equivalent to half a teaspoonful.

    May be used during pregnancy and lactation.

    You may start feeding this supplement to your pets from 8 weeks of age.

    This may be used alongside any conventional medication from your vet if required.

    This herbal supplement may be given indefinitely if required.

    Always read the label.

Vendor: Dorwest

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