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Mint Horse Treats

Dr D's Tasty Treats

Mint flavour Dr D's Tasty Horse Treats, made using the best quality ingredients, then slowly dehydrated to lock in their nutrients. You can't beat a quality minty treat for your horse.
  • Your horse will love these wonderfully aromatic treats. Deliciously irresistible mint flavoured biscuits which are also so unbelievably healthy, they are suitable for everything from the performance horse, to the family pony.  

    Dr D's Tasty Horse Treats are lovingly made using the best quality ingredients, then very slowly dehydrated to lock in their nutrients and flavour.

    Scientifically developed with a unique formula which contains 100% natural ingredients with no sugar or starchy cereal grains. so rather than aggravating your horse's GI tract, it will provide benefits instead. Great for horses suffering from ulcers, digestive upsets, laminitis, cushings or those requiring a low sugar diet.

    Each pack weighs a minimum of 300g and contains approximately 30 horse treats.

    Why Mint?

    Mint has been used for hundreds of years primarily for its beneficial action on the digestive system. It is used in horse feeds to encourage the horse to eat. Mint increases the appetite and helps to settle the digestive tract, encouraging better absorption of nutrients.

    Mint is a very useful supplement for horses with poor appetite and those prone to colic, gas or digestive problems.

    Free sample pack with every purchase

    Dr D's horse treats sample packWe will include a free sample pack of Dr D's Tasty Horse Treats with every purchase. An extra treat for your horse, or give it to a friend for theirs. You choose!

  • Ingredients

    Alfalfa. Grass meal. Micronized Linseed. Calcium Carbonate. Dried Mint Leaves. Linseed Oil. Psyllium Husk. Peppermint Oil.

    Analytical Constituents

    Sugar 2.3%. Starch 0.2%. Protein 13.4%. Fibre 17.6%. Oil 14.72%.

    These treats contain no:

    Added sugar. Cereal grains. Genetically modified or artificial ingredients.

    Dr D's Tasty Horse Treats are are a complementary animal feed and not intended as a cure for any equine illnesses or diseases.

    Storage & Feeding Guidelines

    These tasty horse treats have been dehydrated, so should be stored in an airtight container.

    Feeding up to 200g (15-20 biscuits) of Dr D's Tasty Horse Treats per day should allow you to safely feed all other supplements you may be giving your horse.

  • 5 Horseshoes!

    Chunky loves Dr D's Tasty TreatsMum used to feed me Polos to give me fresh minty breath, but since she found Dr D's Tasty Treats she gives me these instead and they are YUMMY! She gives me one after every ride and to help me do my stretches too, cos they smell so damn good I'd bend over backwards to get one!! These treats get a maximum 5 hoof rating from me.


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