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Pennyroyal Minty Shampoo for dogs and cats (125ml)

Pennyroyal has a strong minty aroma which repels annoying insects like fleas!! It will leave your pet's coat clean with a fresh minty smell and no nasty, sticky residue.
  • Dorwest supplements are made in the UKThe best shampoo you can buy for your dog or cat. Containing extract of Pennyroyal herb, a natural insect and mite repellant because it has a strong minty aroma which creates a hostile environment in which they can't thrive. It's particularly effective in repelling fleas!

    Pennyroyal was an ancient natural remedy used to ward off insects, it has been developed for use on dogs and cats by Dorwest Veterinary and is made in the UK. It leaves the coat clean with a fresh minty smell, no sticky residue and is suitable for all coat types.

    We love this pet shampoo and we're sure you will too.

  • Active ingredients

    Extract of Pennyroyal herb (Mentha pulegium).

    Directions for use

    Dilute and apply externally to coat and skin as required.

    May be used during pregnancy and lactation.

    You may start feeding this supplement to your pets from 8 weeks of age.

    This may be used alongside any conventional medication from your vet if required.

    Always read the label.

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