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Scullcap & Valerian for anxiety, excitability, nervousness & travel sickness (100 tablets)

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Scullcap and Valerian herbal medicine developed by Dorwest to help relieve your pet's anxiety, nervousness and excitability, aid relaxation and reduce fretful behaviour. Suitable for both dogs and cats.
  • Dorwest supplements are made in the UKDo your pets react badly to fireworks, sudden noises or unexpected events? Do you have an anxious pet, a poor traveller, or one that suffers from separation anxiety? Then try Scullcap & Valerian tablets by Dorwest, a herbal medicine which has been licensed and approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to relieve anxiety, nervousness and excitability, aid relaxation and reduce fretful behaviour and conforms to pharmaceutical standards on purity, safety and efficacy.

    Invaluable in calming and relaxing dogs and cats suffering from excitability, apprehension, hyperactivity and phobias, such as those encountered from fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud, unexpected noises.

    Scullcap & Valerian tablets do not cause drowsiness making it ideal for those needing to be settled for travelling, showing, training or obedience work. Given just before a journey, it will calm nervous travellers and is useful where new surroundings or situations might cause apprehension or anxiety. In cats, it is also effective to control territorial spraying as the tranquilising effect reduces the impulsion to mark territory. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with conventional treatments from your vet if required. It is suitable for dogs and cats and is made in the UK.

  • Active ingredients

    Extract Valerian 5:1 50mg. Extract Misteltoe 3:1 50mg. Scullcap 30mg. Extract Gentian 2:1 24mg,

    Recommended daily administration

    Cats and dogs - 1-2 tablets per 5kgs bodyweight, ideally given as two split doses, depending on the severity of the condition. For use on singular occasions, give 12 hours and 2 hours before event using the higher dosage rate.

    Tablets are sugar coated.

    Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

    You may start feeding this dietary supplement to your pet from the age of 8 weeks.

    This may be used on its own or alongside any conventional medication from your vet if required.

    This should be given to your pet as the condition requires.

    Always read the label.

  • Stress or Anxiety

    Anxious and nervous behaviour in dogs and cars can manifest themselves in a number of different condtions and triggered by many factors - thunderstorms, fireworks, travelling, showing, staying in kennels, visiting the vet or just a visitor to the house! The problem may not really be caused by nervousness, but of fear or apprehension.

    This may not only affect young pets, but older ones too. Restlessness and disorientation due to old age can also be a problem, causing extreme anxiety as well as other physical symptoms, all of which may be relieved using herbal treatments.

    Rescued or rehomed dogs may have issues from their previous life and can take some time to adjust, so often benefit from herbal products which help them as they adapt to their new situation.

    Identifying and dealing with nervous or anxious behaviour

    Plan ahead for situations which may be stressful, such as fireworks night or new visitors coming to the house.

    Make a plan of action on how you are to deal with the problems and stick to it.

    Be aware of signs of anxiety as your pet ages.

    Instil confidence and security through positive behaviour.

    Consult a qualified professional for behavioural or training advice if needed.

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