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Tree Barks powder for diarrhoea, pancreatic insufficiency, malabsoption, weaning & convalensence (100g)


If your pet suffers from a grumbly tummy or wind, this herbal supplement by Dorwest has been developed to help soothe the digestive system and maximise food absorption of dogs and cats.
  • Dorwest supplements are made in the UKDoes your pet suffer from a 'grumbly' windy stomach or flatulence? Do they frequently suffer from loose bowels? Have they been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as pancreatic insufficiency or colitis? These conditions may be managed with a careful dietary regime and the use of herbal supplements such as Tree Barks powder from Dorwest. This has been specifically formulated by Dorwest for dogs and cats to soothe the digestive system and maximise food absorption and is made in the UK.

    The two powdered tree barks in this dietary supplement - Slippery Elm and White Poplar bark - act to soothe the digestive tract and helps slow the passage of food through the system, so increasing absorption, firming stools and easing the discomfort that often accompanies intestinal disorders such as colitis and pancreatic insufficiency. They are a natural source of anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and soothing compounds that bring relief to animals suffering from these conditions. Tree Barks powder is suitable to be used during periods of acute diarrhoea and in the recovery period following it.

  • Active ingredients

    Finely powdered Slippery Elm bark 90% and White Poplar bark 10%.

    Recommended daily administration

    One 5ml teaspoonful per 10kgs bodyweight added to feed or mixed with liquid. Can be increased if required for more severe cases.

    May be used during pregnancy and lactation.

    You may start feeding this supplement to your pets from weaning.

    This may be used alongside any conventional medication from your vet if required.

    This herbal supplement may be given indefinitely if required.

    Special warnings: Due to the wide range of intestinal disorders, some of which may be serious, it is recommended that veterinary advice be sought before using this product or if the condition fails to improve.

    Always read the label.

  • Digestion

    Many digestive problems are caused by a high protein diet, but they may also be due to your pet's intolerance to processed food and to the artificial colours and flavours used in many commercially manufactured products. Digestion may also be improved by feeding your pet several smaller meals during the day rather than one large meal. With careful diet considerations and the use of herbal supplements such as Tree Barks powder and Digestive Supplement tablets, these can be successfully maintained to help reduce symptoms and relieve associated discomfort.

    With all digestive problems, it is a good idea to consider these basic points:

    • Consult your vet to identify the problems and for ongoing monitoring.
    • Review your pet's diet and try to keep it as natural as possible, avoiding processed food, artificial colours or flavours and additives.
    • Don't forget to keep an eye on the treats you give your pet as well. These should also be unprocessed and natural. The handmade biscuits and treats from The Little Pet Biscuit Company are ideal.

    Vendor: Dorwest

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