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Health & Wellbeing

Taffy's auto-immune disease - 18 months on!

by Dominique Pizzingrilli 01 April , 2016

Hello Taffy
Taffy - our very own Little Pet Biscuit Company mascot and Chief Taste Tester - was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called GME just over 18 months ago. It's a progressive condition, an inflammation of the central nervous system, for which there is no cure and we can only manage his symptoms. This is an update, to let you all know how he's getting on, as so many people have asked.

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Living with an auto-immune disease

by Dominique Pizzingrilli 16 January , 2015

Taffy living with an autoimmune diseaseTaffy was diagnosed with Multifocal Myelitis GME - an acute inflammatory disease of the central nervous system - last year. I've written this story of Taffy and his autoimmune disease in the hope that it might help others recognise the symptoms and know when to seek veterinary treatment because early diagnosis of this condition means the difference between life and death!

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Coping with the fireworks season

by Dominique Pizzingrilli 28 October , 2013

Fireworks can be stressful for our pets
Help your pets to stay calm by planning ahead for this year's fireworks season. The fireworks seem to last forever! Starting as soon as the last Halloween trick or treaters have visited and lasting until early in the New Year. For most they are a pleasure to watch, but for others - us included - they are torture! We have a few tips and products to help your pets cope and hopefully make it a less stressful experience for you all.

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A windy problem?

by Dominique Pizzingrilli 09 September , 2013

You're sitting at home chatting with some friends when suddenly a bad smell makes everyone grown in horror and go running to open the window. What is that smell? Where does it come from? Everyone denies being the culprit and then all eyes turn to the dog sprawled on his bed looking innocently at you. The owner of the smelly fart has been found! Sound familiar?

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