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Meet the team

We thought you might like to meet the team behind The Little Pet Biscuit Company. Some have four legs, others have just two in our rather eclectic crew, but there's one thing we all have in common...we all love a tasty treat!

Chief Baker & Top Dog

That's me! My name's Dominique and I founded The Little Pet Biscuit Company in 2013, out of my passion for baking. Simple as that! Prior to immersing myself in cookie cutters and a Kenwood Chefs, I worked in finance, publishing and healthcare organisations in the 'Big Smoke' *coughs* doing business development and marketing. I have now swapped my high heels for trainers and love spending hours on end baking scrummy dog biscuits for your pooches to enjoy.

A few interesting facts about me. Hmmmmm, now let me think! *scratches head* Ah yes!

  • I've written and published a book.
  • I lost my sense of taste and smell for nearly 18 months - worst possible scenario for a foodie!
  • I have competed at The Horse of the Year Show with my gorgeous cob Chunky (see below).
  • I am half Belgian.
  • I remember Bill & Ben!

Chief Taste Tester & Product Development Director


Taffy's his name and tasting's his game! I rescued Taffy from Wales in 2004 and he was about 9 months old at the time. He had already lived in 5 different homes but hadn't stayed as he was too much of a handful.

Taffy was instrumental in helping me get The Little Pet Biscuit Company off the ground, taste testing everything I put in front of him. He's not a fussy dog, but I could tell what he liked and what he wasn't so keen on.

A few interesting facts about Taffy:

  • He can 'deaded' a squeak within seconds.
  • He hates horses which is a bit of a bummer for Chunky!
  • He's a sun worshiper and loves heat, so will sit right up next to the wood burner when it's on.
  • He hates the postman, our next door neighbour (on one side only) and my brother-in-law.
  • He has an autoimmune disease affecting his central nervous system.

***UPDATE*** We sadly lost Taffy in June 2018. He was 15 1/2 years old. We still miss him and his funny little ways. As a mark of our respect, he will always be our 'Chief Taste Tester' on our website and in our hearts.

Trainee Taste Tester & Sales Assistant


Ola! I iz a speshal laydee an my name iz Reina! (pronounced 'Ray-naa')

TerrierSOS rescued Reina from a Spanish pound and a certain death sentence. When they arranged for her to come to the UK, we agreed to foster her until a forever home was found. Trouble is, it soon became apparent that we had fallen in love with her, so we adopted Reina ourselves. She is an adorably gentle soulful creature, without a mean bone in her body. Reina can often be found at events with us and with her beautiful big brown eyes, the Spanish Senorita will captivate everyone with her good looks and licky cuddles.


A few interesting facts about Reina

  • 'Reina' - Spanish for a Queen and quite right too! Bossy by name, bossy by nature! Reina definitely rules the house.
  • She's super fast with an unbelievable turn of speed leaving Taffy in her dust.
  • We think she is a Fox Terrier cross, but we have also been told that she may have Podenco in her DNA.
  • She cries in her sleep, runs away from the mop, is scared of strange men and one particular dog at the stables.

Chief Taste Tester - Equine

Chunky showjumping
Chunky is my handsome show cob. I have had him since he was 6 years old and we've grown in experience together, making it to some of the top horse shows in the country. He's a gentle giant. A big boy - very wide and built like a tank - but surprisingly light on his hooves. Affectionate, cuddly, reliable, honest and 100% genuine. Chunky also loves to jump and although he's not so keen on dressage (stressage?) I take him anyway!

A few interesting facts about Chunky:

  • He's addicted to carrots - of course!
  • He's Irish and thinks he was born a hippo as he loves to roll in the dirt and mud.
  • He pulls his rugs off the rail in his stable...then poos on them!
  • He doesn't like water on his face, or having his tail brushed.
  • His real stable name is Jerry, but I think Chunky suits him more. His show name is Horton's Vortigern. So he's a horse with three names!
  • He has been filmed by the BBC for a 2016 edition of Bargain Hunt, with presenter Natasha Raskin in the saddle.

Sales Assistant, Packaging Expert & Odd Jobs

Mr & Mrs Pet Biscuit
Mr P - my wonderfully supportive hubby. He helps me labeling and packaging up the biscuits after I've done a mammoth baking session. He can also be found helping me out at many of the larger events I do and occasionally out there on his own, especially if I've double booked! He'll be up at 5am on event days to help me pack the Biscuit Wagon and always makes me a flask of coffee and some sandwiches to keep me going.

A few interesting facts about Mr P:

  • Will sleep anywhere and everywhere.
  • An amazing cook, Mr P is half Italian and makes incredible pizzas from scratch.
  • He can't say the word 'Vietnamese'.
  • Loves rugby and supports Esher.
  • Can't swim, but despite this walked out to sea till he was chest deep to rescue Taffy who had paddled too far out to catch a ball.