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Duck Paté for dogs - 100% pure meat

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Duck Paté from JR Pet Products is a versatile, tasty and natural complete or complementary food for dogs.

High Quality Pure and Simple Ingredients

JR Pet Products use 100% fresh meat in their Duck Paté for dogs. Nothing else...just pure Duck! No long lists of additives or preservatives, fillers or any ingredients you don't recognise and no offal or meat derivatives either - only the finest cuts of fresh Duck meat.

A versatile dog treat you can use in so many ways

Pure Duck Paté for dogs has a firm texture. It's not as squishy as the paté us hoomans would eat. You can dice it, cube it, slice it, chop it or mash it. It can be used in many different ways - as an every day treat, a training treat if you chop it up into really small pieces, to stuff into a dog toy, a food topper or even a complete dog food.

Grain and Gluten Free

Duck Paté contain no grains whatsoever. It is a perfect complete or complementary food for dogs on a gluten free diet and also suitable for raw fed dogs.

More info about keeping...and eating

Duck Paté is packed into a 200g sausage. Once opened you should keep it refrigerated and use or freeze within 3 days.

Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over.


Pure Duck Paté - 100% Duck meat

Analytical Constituents

Raw Protein - 12.8%
Natural Oils & Fats - 12.3%
Moisture - 60.1%
Ash - 5.4%
Crude Fibre - 0.5%