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Taffy loves to chewMost dogs love to chew, but it shouldn't necessarily be associated with your pet displaying destructive behaviour! All dogs need to chew, it's a natural instinct.

Puppies, like babies, like to explore and approach new things by putting them in their mouth and seeing what they feel like. When their adult teeth start coming through, chewing can help relieve the process.

Chewing can help provide your dog with stimulation and relieve anxiety. It also helps strengthen dogs' jaws and keep their teeth clean, which is turn freshens their breath! Dogs that chew regularly have less plaque and tartar build up on their teeth. The process of chewing also releases digestive enzymes in your dog's stomach.

We have several kinds of chews available for your dogs, all of which are 100% natural and healthy, untreated and free from chemicals, additives, preservatives or any other artificial nasties. 

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