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Toothbrush - natural dental dog chew

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'Don't forget to clean your teef!!' A routine dental hygiene regime is so important for our dogs and these vegetable based toothbrush chews can really help, plus they are super healthy too!

What is an Toothbrush dental dog chew?

Made entirely from natural ingredients and molded into a hard toothbrush shape complete with a head of bristles, designed to help clean your dog's teeth as they chew. They are vegetable based so are unbelievably low in fat (1.5%) and also very low in protein (6.5%), so great for dogs with specific dietary requirements.

Benefits of Toothbrush dental dog chews

  • They don't smell bad. They don't go squidgy...or mushy.
  • They will help with your dogs' oral hygiene.
  • 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar.
  • Really, really low in fat.
  • Suitable for all dogs, even puppies!

Extra fun and entertainment for your dog

Toothbrush dog chews have a hollow on the toothbrush 'handle' which we find really handy for smearing a little dollop of dog-friendly natural peanut butter inside. This makes them even more fun and tasty for your dog to enjoy.

Size and weight

Toothbrush dental dog chews come in two different sizes to suit smaller or larger breeds.

A small toothbrush is 11cms long and weighs around 25g.

A large toothbrush is 15cms long, chunkier and weighs around 75g.


Potato flour - rice flour - glycerine - cellulose powder - tapioca starch - dried brewers yeast - natural preservatives & colourings

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein - 6.5%
Crude oil & fats - 1.5%
Crude fibre - 1.5%
Crude ash - 3.5%
Moisture - 14%



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