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Ostrich Biltong - 100% air dried meat

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Ostrich Biltong is a quality natural dog treat from JR Pet Products and it contains just one single ingredient - 100% ostrich! That's it! There's no great long list of e-numbers, fillers or other nasty ingredients that you don't recognise - just one single source of protein - ostrich! Pure and simple.

High quality sustainable ingredients

JR Pet Products is proud to use the finest cuts of ostrich meat, which has been responsibly sourced. This is why they made it onto our shortlist, because we only sell the very best quality, natural pet treats and products! Ostrich is a protein which is not commonly found in a dogs' diet and this makes it perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Industry experts and vets are recommending novel proteins, such as Ostrich meat, for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies, so treats like this are a really good choice.

Great tasting - very low fat - no mess

Ostrich is a very lean meat that dogs love, which is highly nutritious. Pieces of Ostrich are air dried until they are hard and chewy - just like biltong! They don't leave your fingers feeling greasy and they are good for your dogs' dental hygiene as they take some chewing. Best of all, they are very low in fat - only 3.87%.

Oh! And did we mention they don't pong? Yes, a dog treat that doesn't smell like something that's been sitting in your bin for too long!

Gluten free & hypoallergenic

These pieces of air dried ostrich contain no grains whatsoever. They are the perfect treat for dogs on a gluten free diet and are also suitable for raw fed dogs.

More info about keeping...and eating

Ostrich Biltong comes in a 60g bag. There is no need to cook or refrigerate them, they can just be stored in a cool dry place. 
They are suitable for dogs from the age of 12 weeks, including raw fed.
Due to the size of the pieces, we would recommend them for small to medium size dogs.


100% Ostrich meat

Analytical Constituents

Protein 90.73%
Oils & Fats 3.87%
Ash 6.92%
Moisture 2.3%


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