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Yak Snack Dog Chew

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A long lasting hard smoked cheese dog chew from the Himalayas. Your dog will love it as much as we do! Low fat, 100% natural & grain and gluten free.
  • Yak Snack - Himalayan dog chewYou have probably heard a lot of 'Yakety Yak' about these Himalayan Yak Snack dog chews and wondered if all the hype could possibly be true. Well, we've tested them with our dogs and can categorically confirm, it is! They love 'em and so do we because: they don't smell bad; they don't go squidgy and mushy; they last ages and your dog can consume the WHOLE thing, even the bit left at the end (see below)!

    So, what is a Yak Snack?

    Apparently the good folk of the Himalayas love to snack on a hard smoky cheese and someone discovered that this also makes a fantastic natural, tasty chew for dogs to enjoy too. They have an ancient traditional recipe to make it, using yak and cow's milk from local farmers and dairies in the region. A tiny amount of lime juice is added to separate the curd and wey and a hint of salt to enhance the flavour. The curd is then wrapped in a muslin and compressed until all the remaining moisture has been removed. The block of cheese is then cut into strips and left to dry in smoking sheds until it's perfectly hard. 

    Yak Snack Himalayan dog chewThis process produces a long-lasting chew of hard cheese with a unique slightly smokey smell and flavour that dogs will find irresistible. 

    Depending on the size of your dog and their chewing habits, these hard smokey cheese sticks can last quite a while. Your dog will enjoy working on the ends of the sticks until they eventually soften enough that they can chew off a small piece.


    Yak Snack dog chew benefitsThere are so many great benefits to giving your dog a Yak Snack to chew. It's difficult to know where to begin, but here are just a few:

    Very low in fat - 0.9% - almost negligible!
    100% natural and organic, contains human grade, fair trade ingredients.
    Gluten free, artificial preservative free and grain free.
    Rich in calcium and protein.
    Pleasant mildly smokey odour.
    Great for promoting oral health.


    Yak Snack dog chews are sized according to their weight.

    Small: approximately 30-35g

    Medium: approximately 70-75g

    Large: appoximately 140-150g

    The end...but not quite!!

    Once your dog has chewed their Yak Snack down to just a small piece, take it away and...stick it in the microwave!! Put your piece of Yak Snack on high for 45-60 seconds and it will puff up just like magic..pouff!! The texture of the microwaved Yak Snack end changes to something more like a crunchy honeycomb or pork scratchings. Once cooled, you can give it to your dog who will continue to crunch on it until it's completely devoured.

  • Ingredients & Nutrition

    Yak Snacks contain all natural ingredients with no binding agents or anything artificial.

    Yak & Cow's milk
    Lime juice
    Tiny amount of Salt

    Most of the fat and lactose are removed in the process of making a Yak Snack. The remaining fat content is negligible at 0.9%, and lactose is also minimal.

    Crude Protein - 54.9%
    Crude Fat - 0.9%
    Moisture - 16.3%
    Fibre - 6.5%
    Ash - 6.8%

  • Feeding and storage guidance

    Yak Snack natural chews are suitable for dogs over 4 months old.

    Like all other chews, you should supervise your dog when they are gnawing on a Himalayan Yak Snack and remove it when it becomes small enough to swallow. You can then put the remaining piece in the microwave and follow the instructions on the label to watch it puff up, then once it has cooled you can allow your dog to crunch on this until it has been completely devoured.

    Store Yak Snacks in a cool, dry place

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