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Ronnie the Rhino - Eco Dog Toy

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Ronnie the Rhino is a great dog toy - tough, durable and with a little added 'crunch' to give your dog a complete sensory experience and keep them entertained for hours and hours. 

This friendly Rhino is made from four layers of jute, twin stitched over recycled cotton and jute rope, then covered in a soft suede, so Ronnie is designed to be tough and long-lasting (except if you have a 'super chewer'!).

Ronnie the Rhino also contains an little something extra! A recycled plastic bottle which 'crunches' when he is squeezed or chewed. We all know how much dogs love to chew on plastic crunchy bottles! Best of all, Ronnie has a velcro bum (ooh...err!) which means you can replace the plastic bottle with a new one once the crunchiness is lost.

An eco friendly dog toy

Ronnie the Rhino is made from Jute which is a natural and sustainable plant fibre and 100% biodegradeable. The suede used to cover Ronnie is a by-product, which ensures this material is not wasted.

How big is Ronnie?

He is 30cm long from the tip of his tusk to the end of his tail and about 12cm wide.

Ronnie has eco friends

Ronnie the Rhino belongs to a family of eco dog toys, so if you want him to have company, then take a look at Desmond the Duck and Peggy the Pig and collect a 'family' of great toys for your dog.

Eco Dog Toys

Safety advice

It's best not to leave this Ronnie the Rhino dog toy unsupervised with your pet, to ensure there is no accidental swallowing. You should remove it if your dog tries to swallow pieces or chunks from Ronnie.

And remember.... toy is totally indestructible!

Ronnie is not recommended for puppies.

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