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For dogs with certain medical conditions such as Pancreatitis, liver disease and poor digestion, or those that are simply carrying a few excess pounds, it's important to manage their diets very carefully to keep an eye on their fat intake. You need to check the analytical constituents on the labels of the dog food you buy to find the percentage fat content...and this includes their treats as well! 

Generally speaking, anything with a fat content of between 5% and 10% is considered acceptable for dogs on a low fat diet. But it is possible to find healthy, tasty treats with an even lower fat content than that.

Your dog doesn't have to be deprived of a good quality tasty treat just because they are on a low fat diet. There are plenty around if you know where to look, so we have tried to make it easy for you to identify a suitable treat for your dog by highlighting those with a very low and a low fat content, all of which are available to buy from us.

Low fat dog treats - containing between 5%-10% fat
% fat
Venison Sticks - 100% pure meat 5%
Cranberry & Sweet Potato dental sticks 5.05%
Cranberry & Sweet Potato bites 5.05%
Banana & Peanut Butter dental sticks 5.27%
Banana & Peanut Butter bites 5.27%
Cheese & Natural Yeast Extract bite size dog biscuits 5.97%
Cheese & Natural Yeast Extract big bone dog biscuits 5.97%
Beef Jerky dog chews 6.2%
Banana & Pumpkin bites - puppy treats 6.48%
Banana & Pumpkin dental sticks for senior dogs 6.48%
Banana & Pumpkin bites - senior dog treats 6.48%
Eco Insect Bakes - sustainable dog treats 6.8%
Goat Sticks - 100% pure meat 7.5%
Rabbit sticks - 100% pure meat 8%
Chicken sticks - 100% pure meat 9.1%
Chicken & Liver 'LOVE Hearts' - training treats 9%
Chicken Paté for dogs - 100% pure meat 9.1%
Turkey Paté for dogs - 100% pure meat 9.2%
Camomile and Malt dog biscuits 9.92%
Fish sprinkles 10%
Rabbit Paté for dogs - 100% pure meat 10.5%
VERY low fat dog treats - containing less than 5% fat
Fish Skin Cubes 0.3%
Fish Fingers Chunky Strips 0.3%
Carrot & Pumpkin Lobster dog chew 0.5%
Peanut Butter & Vegetable Turtle dog chew 0.5%
Apple, Broccoli & Mint Starfish dog chew 0.5%
Strawberry Dental Bone dog chew 0.5%
Sweet Potato Treats 0.5%
Mighty Mussel Munchies 1.1%
Super Seaweed Snacks 1.2%
Tuna & Crab Training Treats 1.35%
Toothbrush dental dog chew 1.5%
Rice Bones 1.5%
Cod Skin bites 2.4%
Banana & Pumpkin sticks - puppy dental chews 2.4%
Carrot & Pumpkin dental sticks 2.69%
Kale & Apple dental sticks 3.02%
Coconut & Chia Seed dental sticks 3.33%
Ostrich Bone dog chew 3.52%
Ostrich Biltong 3.87%
Apple & Blueberry dental sticks 3.9%
Apple & Blueberry bites 3.9%
Carrot & Pumpkin bites 3.9%
Charcoal & Aniseed dog biscuits 3.97%