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We understand your pets are very important to you. This is why we are committed to producing and supplying only the highest quality tasty and nutritious pet treats at The Little Pet Biscuit Company.

We use the very best 100% natural ingredients in our own handmade dog biscuits, with no compromise on quality.

Made by Hand

We have also sourced some of the very best healthy treats and chews from other like-minded ethical and responsible suppliers that we know your pets will enjoy, including Green & Wilds, The Innocent Pet, Beautiful Joe's, Nature's Menu and Soopa. We have something for all breeds, large or small, from puppies to adult dogs and cats too!

You can shop with confidence at The Little Pet Biscuit Company, knowing we love your pets to be as happy and healthy as you do! So come on in and browse our online shop to find some amazing treats for your pets today.