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Barry the Banana - Eco Dog Toy

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Barry the Banana is a fun, quirky, quality toy from our clever friends at Green & Wilds who make robust, eco-friendly dog toys from natural, renewable and recyclable materials. Who doesn't love a banana to munch on eh?!

Barry has been manufactured without using any added compounds that would harm or be released when chewed.

An eco friendly dog toy

Barry the Banana is made from jute which is a natural and sustainable plant fibre and 100% biodegradeable. He's covered in a soft yellow suede which is a by-product and ensures this material has not been wasted.

How big is Barry?

His body is about 17cms long (he's a bendy banana so it's a bit difficult to give a really accurate measurement!!) and 5cms thick.

Are they suitable for all dogs?

Yes, dogs of all ages can play with this toy, but please do supervise your pets when playing with them and remove them straight away if they manage to chew off any pieces or chunks. These toys are extremely well made, but sadly no toy is indestructible!

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