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Rabbit Ears with hair - dog chew

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Rabbit ears are another fantastic natural dog chew from JR Pet Products. Much lower in fat than a traditional pigs' ear and nowhere near as smelly either! Rabbit ears are great even for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies to enjoy.

A high quality sustainable dog chew

JR Pet Products is proud to use the best quality meat, which has been responsibly sourced from Europe - not China! This is why they made it onto our shortlist, because we only sell the very best quality natural pet treats and products.

As this is a natural product, each air dried Rabbit ear dog chew will vary in size, shape and colour. But one thing they do all have in common is that they are all 100% Rabbit, with no additives, preservatives or unidentifiable nasties!

Grain & gluten free - healthy dog chew

The only ingredient is Rabbit - pure and simple! So these chews are suitable for dogs on a grain and/or gluten free diet and for those fed on raw. They are high in protein and super healthy, even for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies.

Why keep the hair on?

Good question! We wondered about this as well, so we asked our very helpful friends at JR Pet Products to tell us. Apparently the hair acts as a natural de-wormer! Hair takes longer to digest and so help 'clean' the intestinal wall as it passes through a dog's digestive system. You learn something new every day!

How long will they last?

A Rabbit ear is a really hard and crispy dog chew, so it should take a little while for your dog demolish. But with every chew product we sell, we always say this entirely depends on the dog and how aggressively they chew!

Rabbit ears are long and thin in shape, so perhaps better suited for smaller dogs. If you're looking for something longer lasting for larger breeds, then take a look at the Goat ear dog chews instead.

More info about keeping...and eating

Rabbit ears are packed in a 100g resealable bag. There are typically around 8 ears in a bag, but this may vary. There is no need to cook or refrigerate them, they can just be stored in a cool dry place. 
They are suitable for dogs of all breeds from the age of 3 months.


100% pure rabbit ear

Analytical Constituents

Protein 46.8%
Fat 21.5%
Ash 1.02%
Moisture 7%


Your dog should always be supervised when chewing a Rabbit ear. Take the chew away from your dog from time to time to relax their jaws.


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