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Sesame Seed & Parsley Dog Biscuits (Bite Size)

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Sesame Seed and Parsley handmade dog biscuits full of nutty flavour and baked in a handy crunchy bite size biscuit, suitable for dogs of all size. Absolutely no artificial nasties in these natural dog biscuits.

The best natural ingredients

These Sesame Seed & Parsley dog biscuits are a smaller, bite size version of our popular chunky big bone Sesame treats and are packed with natural goodness.

We love to reward dogs with the tastiest, best quality treats we know they will enjoy and we only use the best natural ingredients we can find. Our Sesame Seed & Parsley biscuits are made using oats, spelt and rye flour - an alternative to common wheat and naturally very low in gluten. We add sesame seeds, which are highly nutritious with a great nutty taste, and parsley to help keep your dog’s breath smelling at its best.

Tasty treats - made by hand

The Little Pet Biscuit Company biscuits are handmade

At The Little Pet Biscuit Company we mix, roll and shape each dog biscuit by hand before slowly baking them in our dedicated pet biscuit oven. It's a very labour intensive process, but the end result is a tempting and irresistible natural dog treat that we know they will enjoy.


Made with Sesame Seeds - naturally nutty and nutritious
Contains Parsley - helps keep doggie breath fresh
Bone-shaped bite sized dog biscuit
Made by hand and slowly oven baked
No artificial colours or preservatives

Additional information

Our Sesame Seed & Parsley dog biscuits are a softer texture (similar to an oatcake) and are suitable for dogs of all size. They can easily be broken into pieces for even the smallest breeds to enjoy. They are also available in a chunky larger size biscuit.

Bag size: 125g (minimum) of handmade dog biscuits. Typically between 12-14 large size dog biscuits.

Compostable packaging

Little Pet Biscuit Company compostable bagsWe are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment. The bags we use for our handmade dog biscuits are compostable and made from the wood pulp of trees grown in managed, sustainable wood plantations. You can read all about our compostable packaging in our blog.


Rye flour - Spelt Flour - Oats - Sesame seeds (6.4%) - Parsley (1.8%) - Vegetable Oil - Baking Powder

Read more about our natural ingredients


Crude Protein 11.8% - Crude Fibre 1.6% - Ash 2% - Oils & Fats 14.8%

Please store in an airtight container. Read our feeding & storage guidelines for more information.

Taffy's Paw Rating 5/5

Taffy's Paw RatingI just love the really nutty flavour from the sesame seeds and they smell AMAZING when they're in the oven baking! Mum breaks these into ickle pieces cos she thinks a whole one is too much for me in one go. I disagree but I still reckon these are worth a 5 paw rating! I like the flecks of parsley in them too - makes me think I'm eating my greens. These biscuits are scrummy...and (probably) the best treats in the whole wide world! *drools uncontrollably*

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