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Our Premium Antler Dog Chews are from Nova Dog Chews, a company known for their natural dog treats and chews. An ethical and responsible British company committed to producing natural products with the minimum impact on our planet.

Deer antlers are an amazing natural and totally sustainable resource which dogs just love to chew. A rich source of calcium, iron and minerals, they are quite simply, goodness in a 'stick'. They are completely unprocessed, just as nature intended, so do not upset sensitive tummies. They don't splinter like bones do. They don't smell. They don't get sticky or messy and will last ages and ages. 

We sell Antler Dog Chews in a variety of different sizes to suit all breeds of dogs as well as the excellent Split Antler Dog Chew for older dogs, 'lazy chewers' and teething puppies too. Both our dogs love to chew on a premium antler and we're sure yours will too.