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If there's one thing we can all try and look forward to in 2020, that's Christmas! Let's face it, our dogs don't know how bad it's been. They have been there for us every day, as loyal and cheerful as ever. So let's give our faithful companions a Christmas to remember.

All the dog treats on our website - from our very own tasty handmade dog biscuits, to one of the great dog chews or toys we offer to keep your pet occupied on Christmas morning - make fantastic festive gifts for dogs. But this collection features a few Christmas dog treats, gifts and greeting cards, which we have specifically handpicked for you and make a fantastic Christmas gift box.

We have something available for all dog lovers this Christmas.

Send a personalised Christmas card with your order

Include a Christmas card for just £1 from our fun selection of greeting cards. Simply choose the one you'd like to buy, include the message you would like us to write in the card and we will do the rest. Perfect if you're planning to send a box of dog treats and goodies to a friend.

With love from Santa Paws

We will carefully package your order, including a personalised handwritten Christmas card if purchased, in a Kraft box on a bed of shredded paper and post them out for your pet to enjoy this Christmas.