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Root Dog Chew - 100% natural wood

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Chewroots are the best thing since antlers took the pet market by storm, for keeping chewy, destructive dogs occupied for ages. Chunks of tree root which don't splinter or disintegrate.

A dog enjoying a chewrootWe think these natural wood root chews from Antos Origins are the best thing since sliced bread! Well, maybe they're the best thing since antlers took the pet market by storm, for keeping really chewy, destructive dogs occupied for ages...and ages!

Root dog chews are chunks of natural wood, carefully harvested by hand from tree roots and left to dry for months. Only part of the tuber of the root is taken, which then sprouts again to ensure tree growth is not affected. And to preserve the root chew's eco-sustainable pedigree, only a limited number of them are harvested each year.

For dogs that just love to chew, especially objects they shouldn't like furniture, slippers, sticks and welly boots, there are many benefits of giving them a root dog chew:

  Natural toothbrush - great for scraping off excess food and tartar.

  Will not splinter.

  Extremely durable and long lasting.

  100% untreated.

  Suitable for ALL dogs large or small - INCLUDING puppies!

What size should I buy?

As a guide, we give our 8 kilo Terriers a small size root chew. A medium would probably suit a Spaniel. A large may be better for German Shepherds or Staffie type breeds.

Weights, shapes and sizes will vary as a root chew is a natural product, but on average the weights for each size are as follows:

  • Extra small: 60-150g
  • Small: 150-300g
  • Medium: 300-500g
  • Large: 500-750g
  • Extra large: 750g-1kg

Do Root Chews splinter?

No! Root dog chews will not splinter. They are large, gnarled and knobbly chunks of wood for your dog to get their jaw round - unlike antlers! Small, tiny pieces will literally crumble off a root chew as your dog works on it, but no shards or splinters.

Where do Root Chews come from?

Dogs love chewing a ChewrootRoot dog chews are harvested from a sustainable source of the European Heath tree which is part of the heather and gorse family. Wood from the Heath tree is extremely hard and heat resistant, and is more commonly used for making smoking pipes, jewellery and knife handles.




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