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Carrot & Pumpkin Lobster - low fat dog chew

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A fun, healthy vegetable-based dog chew which is made from 100% natural ingredients. We live by the sea in West Sussex and instantly loved this seaside themed low fat treat from The Natural Cornish Pet shop. It's incredibly low in fat (0.5%) and designed to promote your dog's dental health as well.

Your dog will love a Carrot & Pumpkin Lobster!

  • They are 100% natural. Free from grain, palm oil and artificial colours and flavours.
  • A fun lobster shape with ridges and textures that get between your dog's teeth and massage their gums, keeping the mouth healthy, as well as being tasty too.
  • We'll mention it again...these dog chews are very VERY low in fat! This makes them suitable for dogs suffering from kidney disease, pancreatitis, liver disease, digestive problems or obesity.
  • Carrot and pumpkin are excellent sources of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants which are great for the immune and digestive systems.

Jazz it up - even more fun!

The underside of the lobster dog chew is hollow, so can be filled with dog-friendly peanut butter or liver paté. Then turn it the right way up, pop it on the floor and watch your dog trying to figure out how to lick it out. Or your can fill it with yoghurt and freeze it for a cooling treat on a hot day.

Each Carrot & Pumpkin Lobster dog chew weighs 23-27g. 10.5cms long by 7cms wide. Please note that as this is a natural product, the colour and size may vary slightly.


Sweet potato flour - pea flour - vegetable glycerin - Brewers yeast - flaxseed oil - carrot powder (4%) - pumpkin powder (4%) - plain caramel

Analytical constituents

Protein - 5%
Fat - 0.5%
Fibre - 4%
Ash - 2%
Moisture - 16%