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Compostable dog poo bags

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Brilliantly strong compostable dog poo bags from FETCH.IT bags made entirely from...plants! That's right, veggie poop bags!

Because these dog poo bags are plant-based they can break down completely, leaving absolutely zero waste and no harm to our precious environment.

What makes these better than any other poo bags on the market?

  • They are plastic-free and made entirely from plants, so totally compostable.
  • These dog poo bags are VERY strong. The material is 20 microns thick, which makes them the thickest poop bags on the market at the moment. Strong enough to handle even the biggest dog poop, without any nasty accidents.
  • They are unscented - thank goodness! Your clothes and hands won't have that feint weird, slightly sickly nappy bag smell any more.
  • More than just a dog poo bag, you can use these to line your kitchen caddy and pop them straight in your composter at home. It will decompose along with your potato peel and Brussels sprouts in 3-6 months.

How big and how many?

Each dog poo bag is 33cms long by 22.5cms wide.

You get 15 bags in a roll.

What are these dog poo bags actually made from?

They are made from 100% plant matter - that's all!

If you love these compostable poo bags, you will be just as thrilled with these colourful, stylish poo bag pouches made from cork. They are an essential item for any dog lover and make a wonderful gift. Each poo bag pouch comes complete with a roll of compostable poo bags.

Cork poo bag pouches

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