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Rudy the Reindeer - Christmas Eco Dog Toy

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Rudy the Reindeer is one of Rudolf's best mates, but because Rudolf is away so often, working at the North Pole, Rudy has to find himself someone else to play with. Rudy is a fun, super cute toy from our friends at Green & Wilds who are great at making great quality natural, renewable and recyclable dog toys.

An eco friendly dog toy

Rudy the Reindeer is stuffed with Jute which is a natural and sustainable plant fibre and 100% biodegradeable. His body is covered in soft brown suede, which is a by-product and ensures this material is not wasted - and he has a red suede nose of course! All reindeers have red noses don't they?

How big is Rudy?

He is 18cm long from his red nose to the tip of his tail and about 18cm tall to the top of his antlers.

Safety advice

It's best not to leave this Rudy the Reindeer dog toy unsupervised with your pet, to ensure there is no accidental swallowing. You should remove it if your dog tries to swallow pieces or chunks from Rudy.

And remember.... toy is totally indestructible!