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HOTTERdog fleece dog jumper

HOTTERdog fleece dog jumper - grape/wine

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We are big fans of HOTTERdog fleece dog jumpers and have been using them for a very long time. In fact, we have been using the SAME jumper on Reina for years because it washes so well and comes out of the washing machine looking like new every time!

Weather protection from the cold & wet

HOTTERdog fleece dog jumpers are stylish, warm and cosy. It is the perfect dogwear to protect your dog on a chilly day, a wet day, a beach day, or in any inclement weather. If your dog is particularly susceptible to the cold - if they are elderly, fine coated, or recently groomed - then these dog jumpers provide superb warmth and protection.

Water repellent & washable

The water repellent fleece material wicks away moisture helping dry off your wet dog, whilst retaining their body heat. The fabric doesn't fade or lose its shape even when machine washed and tumble dried again and again and doesn't need reproofing to retain its weather proof properties.

Contoured comfortable fit

The HOTTERdog fleece dog jumper covers your dog's chest, belly and front legs, extending along the back towards the base of the tail. The jumper is designed to allow your dog the maximum range of movement to run and jump, so it's perfect for the most active and working dogs. There are no straps or pressure points, so suitable for long-term wear - all day long if need be.

Size guide

HOTTERdog jumpers are sized according to three measurements shown in this diagram.

Please measure carefully before ordering. The jumper's size goes up in 3-4" increments. You should match your measurements to the nearest size below.

Jumpers don't have to come completely to the tail and it's best to be a little short than too long.

HOTTERdog fleece jumper size guide
HOTTERdog fleece dog jumper breed sizes

To fit a HOTTERdog fleece dog jumper

Most dogs are happy to have the jumper slipped over the head first, feeding the legs into the sleeves one by one. Another way of fitting the jumper is to feed the front legs into the sleeves first and then ask your dog to lower their head or apply very gentle pressure and pull the jumping up over the head and along the back - just like putting a jumper on yourself.

To remove a HOTTERdog fleece dog jumper

Gather the jumper up behind the front legs, take the top of the jumper's collar with both hands and gently lift over the ears and then down to the floor, allowing your dog to back out comfortably.