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Dog treats needn't contain meat! Many pets are on low protein diets where meat intake, particularly red meat, must be kept to a minimum. Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and health promoting benefits in abundance and may be fed to most dogs without concern for allergies and digestive issues.

Our vegetarian pet treat selection includes healthy, wholesome and 100% natural biscuits and treats from The Little Pet Biscuit Company.  These handmade biscuits are made from the best ingredients and are all either low in gluten or gluten free. They are naturally flavoured using nuts, seeds, spices and herbs and made from Spelt & Rye flours or Oats which are very low in gluten and deliciously flavoured using nuts, herbs and seeds and naturally sweetened with real banana or pure cane molasses. Even the fussiest of dogs will find something they love!

We also have a fabulous range of veggie chews and dental sticks from Soopa pets. Made from pure fruit and vegetables, untreated and containing no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, additives or chemicals. Just pure and simple natural goodness which our dogs think are just 'Soopa'!