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Chicken Sticks for Dogs - 100% pure meat

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These quality natural dog treats from JR Pet Products contain just one single ingredient - 100% chicken! That's it! There's no great long list of e-numbers, fillers or other nasty ingredients that you don't recognise - just one single source of protein - chicken! Pure and simple.

Is it a treat or is it a chew stick? It's both!

These pure meaty dog treats have been dried into sticks that are quite hard and about 15cm long. If you don't want to give your dog a whole stick, they can easily be broken into smaller pieces, so they double up as both a chew...or a treat. Because they are such a high value meaty reward, they really do make great training treats.

High quality sustainable ingredients

JR Pet Products is proud to use the best quality meat, which has been responsibly sourced from Europe - not China! 

Great tasting - low fat - no mess

Chicken is a lean meat that dogs love, which is low in fat (just 8%) and highly nutritious. These meaty sticks are dried so they don't leave your fingers feeling greasy.

Grain & gluten free

These pure meat sticks contain no grains whatsoever. They are the perfect treat for dogs on a gluten free diet and are also suitable for raw fed dogs.

More info about keeping...and eating

These chicken sticks are packed in a 50g box. There is no need to cook or refrigerate them, they can just be stored in a cool dry place. 
They are suitable for dogs of all breeds from the age of 4 weeks.


100% pure chicken

Analytical Constituents

Protein 67%
Oils & Fats 8%
Ash 5%
Moisture 10%


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