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A Taste of Emsworth! A Festival for Foodies in Hampshire

by Dominique Pizzingrilli 01 October , 2014

The Little Pet Biscuit Company at Emsworth Food FestivalThe Biscuit Wagon set off very early on its journey down to Emsworth in Hampshire - we love our dawn starts while most others are still cosy in bed! It was my first trip to Emsworth, a very pretty coastal town, and I immediately got a good feeling about the place.

Emsworth was hosting a British Food Fortnight "A Thought For Food" - a food festival celebrating the abundance of fine local food and drink available from the area. The organisers had contacted The Little Pet Biscuit Company, to invite us to take part due to the enormous population of pooches in the town.

Handmade biscuits for the dogs of EmsworthThe next 5 hours in the car park behind The Blue Bell Inn just whizzed by in a haze as hundreds of people (perhaps even more!) descended to sample and buy some of the excellent food and drink on display. And it seemed as though there were almost as many dogs as there were people...grateful for their own mini food festival at the LPBco stand.

Delicious pork pie from Jake's Artisan PiesBut did I get to sample any of the gourmet delights available myself? Well, it's always a bit tricky to step away from my pitch when I'm alone, but I couldn't resist a delicious fresh handmade pork pie from Jake's Artisan Pies next door. Packed with delicately seasoned, super tasty filling, all wrapped in a crispy crust. It was meant to be eaten on my journey home, but I couldn't wait that long!

Of course, I needed a drink to help wash down the pork pie and Chucklehead Cider just happened to be nearby, so it would have been rude not to have a little try of their best medium cider, wouldn't it?!

As I hummed along to the music of the local 'boy band' playing from the Blue Bell rooftop, watched the crowds chatting sociably and the seagulls swooping hopefully overhead, I remembered thinking to myself, "what a lovely place! I do hope they invite me back!"

And look! We even made it into the Portsmouth News!

The Little Pet Biscuit Company in the Portsmouth News

Dominique Pizzingrilli
Dominique Pizzingrilli


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