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Charcoal & Aniseed Dog Biscuits

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Charcoal and Aniseed flavour crunchy, low gluten handmade dog biscuits. Charcoal has great digestive properties and Aniseed is an irresistible scent for dogs which also helps eliminate doggy breath.

The magic of charcoal!

Does your dog suffer from bouts of smelly wind? Don't worry! Many dogs do and these great bite size charcoal and aniseed flavour dog biscuits have been specifically developed to help aid digestion and reduce the unpleasant after effects of dogs who suffer from occasional flatulence.

Low fat - natural ingredients

We use the best natural ingredients we can find. Our charcoal dog biscuits contain top quality 100% natural pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal powder which is completely safe to eat (not the kind of charcoal you'd use in your BBQ!). They are made using spelt and rye flour, an alternative to common wheat and naturally very low in gluten. We add milled flax seeds to provide dietary fibre essential for your dog's optimum health and flavour them with aniseed, a scent which is irresistible to dogs and which also helps freshen their breath.

A fabulous dog treat with great digestive and nutritional benefits, which has the added benefit of being very low in fat.


      Charcoal aids digestion - aniseed freshens doggie breath
      Made using spelt and rye flour - naturally low in gluten
      All natural quality ingredients
      Made by hand and slowly oven baked
      No artificial colours or preservatives

    Tasty treats - made by hand

    The Little Pet Biscuit Company Biscuits made by handAt The Little Pet Biscuit Company we mix, roll and shape each dog biscuit by hand before slowly baking them in our dedicated pet biscuit oven. It's a very labour intensive process, but the end result is a tempting and irresistible natural dog treats that we know they will enjoy.

    Additional information

    Our Charcoal & Aniseed dog treats come in a bone-shaped bite size biscuit. They are very hard and crunchy, but can be broken into pieces for smaller breeds to enjoy. They are suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages.

    Bag size: 125g (minimum) of handmade dog biscuits.

    Please store in an airtight container. Read our feeding & storage guidelines for more information.

    Compostable packaging

    Little Pet Biscuit Company compostable bagsWe are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment. The bags we use for our handmade dog biscuits are compostable and made from the wood pulp of trees grown in managed, sustainable wood plantations. You can read all about our compostable packaging in our blog.


    Spelt flour - Rye flour - 0% Fat Natural Yoghurt - Milled Flax Seeds - 100% Natural Activated Charcoal (3.3%) - Whole Aniseeds (1.6%) - Aniseed Powder (1%) - Baking Powder

    Read more about our natural ingredients.


    Crude Protein 11.2% - Crude Fibre 2.4% - Ash 1.9% - Oils & Fats 3.97%

    How does charcoal work?

    Toxic substances in the stomach and intestines attach themselves to the surface of the charcoal particles. As charcoal can't be digested it is eliminated along with the toxins when your dog has a bowel movement, relieving flatulence and bloating. It has the added benefit of helping to eliminate bad doggie breath and reducing the detoxification workload of the liver.

    Fed regularly to your dogs, our charcoal biscuits can help maintain good health and digestion by absorbing toxins which can be found in the gut and so reducing wind and embarrassing wiffy botty burps!

    Taffy's Paw Rating 5/5    

    Taffy the lap dogI love spending the evening stretched out on Dad's lap, but he gets annoyed when I let our an accidental smelly fart! I can't help it though, it just comes out when I'm not expecting it! These little crunchy bones really help and I'm not so windy any more. Love the aniseed flavour too, really gets my nose twitching. These smell and look just like liquorice allsorts. Every dog should have some of these in their biscuit tin...Dad should eat them too!!

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