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Mixed Bag of Dog Biscuits

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For dogs that can't choose which flavour to have, here is a selection of all the amazing handmade dog biscuits from The Little Pet Biscuit Company. No need to choose!

If you can't choose - have some of everything!

We know it can be difficult for your dog to choose a favourite flavour from our range of delicious handmade natural dog biscuits. To help solve this problem, we have a great mixed bag of dog biscuits containing some of all our great flavours and shapes, so your dog can choose which one they like the most - although we think they will love them all!!

Tasty treats - made by hand

The Little Pet Biscuit Company biscuits are made by hand

At The Little Pet Biscuit Company we mix, roll and shape each dog biscuit by hand before slowly baking them in our dedicated pet biscuit oven. It's a very labour intensive process, but the end result is a tempting and irresistible natural dog treat that we know they will enjoy.


      Selection of all the dog biscuits handmade by The Little Pet Biscuit Company.
      All shapes & sizes - large and small
      Made with natural quality ingredients
      No artificial colours or preservatives

    Additional information

    Bag size: 125g (minimum) of handmade dog biscuits.

    Our mixed bags contain a selection of our delicious handmade biscuits. You will find details of the ingredients and composition of each flavour on each individual product page.

    Read more about our natural ingredients.

    Please store in an airtight container. Read our feeding & storage guidelines for more information.

    Compostable packaging

    Little Pet Biscuit Company compostable bagsWe are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment. The bags we use for our handmade dog biscuits are compostable and made from the wood pulp of trees grown in managed, sustainable wood plantations. You can read all about our compostable packaging in our blog.

    Taffy's Paw Rating 5/5  +++

    Taffy's Tasting Notes

    I wanted to give this more than 5 paws but I wasn't allowed! If you're an indecisive dog, this is the perfect solution - a mixed bag. It's difficult to choose a favourite and even I don't have one! All our biscuits are really delicious and very healthy - so buying a mixed bag means you don't have to make a difficult decision! It definitely gets my paws up!

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