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The benefits of feeding natural treats to your dog

March 29, 2023

Dogs are man's best friend and it's essential to enure they are kept happy and healthy. One way to achieve this is by feeding them the very best quality natural food and that goes for treats too! You might feel like it's a bit of a minefield, but generally natural treats are made from real food (also known as human grade) ingredients without any additives, preservatives or artificial flavours.

A good quality dog treat should meet the following criteria:

Contain high quality ingredients

The ingredients used should be high quality and preferably natural. Look for treats made with whole food ingredients - vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, meat or fish.

Nutritional value

The dog treats you give your pet shoudl provide them with some nutritional value. This can come in the form of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Limited ingredients

The fewer the ingredients in the treats your buy for your dog, the better! This reduces the chances of your dog developing food allergies or sensitivities.

No artificial ingredients

Avoid dog treats that contain artificial preservatives, colours or flavours as they can be harmful to your dog's health.

Some of the benefits of feeding natural treats to your dog:

Improves digestion

Feeding your dog natural treats made from real food ingredients like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins can help improve their digestion. Natural dog treats contain healthy fibre, which promotes digestion and keeps your dog's digestive system healthy.

Promotes dental health

Natural dog chews like goat ears, rabbit ears and ostrich bones can help clean your dog's teeth and improve their dental health. Chewing helps reduce plaque buildup, preventing bad breath and reducing the risk of gum disease.

Reduces allergies

Many dogs suffer from allergies and commercial dog treats can exacerbate their allergies. However, feeding your dog natural treats made from real food ingredients can help reduce the risk of allergies. Natural dog treats contain no additives, preservatives or artificial flavours, making them an excellent choice for dogs with allergies.

Boosts immune system

Feeding your dog natural treats can help boost their immune system. Natural treats contain vitamins and minerals that are essentail for maintaining a healthy immune system. These nutrients help your dog's body fight off infections and diseases.

Supports overall health

Feeding your dog natural treats can help support their overall health. Natural treats are packed with nutrients that are essential for maintaining a healthy body. They provide your dog with the energy they need to play and stay active while keeping them healthy and happy.

So, feeding your dog natural treats is an excellent way to promote their health and well-being. They are a great alternative to commercial dog treats that may contain harmful additives, preservatives or artificial flavours. When feeding your dog natural treats, make sure to choose treats that are appropriate for their size, age and activity level. It's also important to remember that every dog is different and may have different dietary needs and preferences.

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