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Our compostable packaging

December 27, 2018

Little Pet Biscuit Company compostable bags
Read about our journey to find alternative, more eco-friendly packaging for our handmade dog biscuits. We were determined to find a bag that could meet our needs, and have a minimal impact on our environment, but we didn't realise just how difficult, or expensive this would be!

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Are we really such a nation of pet lovers? The figures tell a story!

May 02, 2018

Dogs are the most popular pet in the UK
Do you always believe what you hear when someone says that the UK is a nation of pet lovers? Are we really mad about pets? Well, the 2018 PFMA Pet Population Data Report is out and it reveals a few interesting facts about the Nation's pet owning habits and trends and whether cats or dogs are the most popular pets in the UK.

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